Our Complete Services

At A Perfectionists Touch we truly do it all when it comes to cleaning and removing stains. Below is an overview of what we do:

Serving Salt Lake & Utah counties. When it comes to carpet cleaning we live by our name: perfection. We leave no stain behind in the houses we clean. We also employ a couple of different cleaning methods. If you have a preference for a particular method, please let our cleaners know before they begin.

Steam Cleaning consists of hot water extraction. Our steam cleaning consists of truck mounted cleaning systems and portable machines. Every carpet is different, so we want to be able to address your individual needs. Steam Cleaning is the recommended process by many carpet manufacturers. We always pre-treat for spots but we also carpets not just the spots neutralize the soap we use so there is no residue left behind. This is not always the case with all carpet cleaners. Your carpets will be deeply cleaned and will be dry in minutes!

Dry Cleaning is performed with the doors to your home or business closed. This technique uses less water than steam cleaning and can reach areas that can be difficult for steam cleaning equipment. This is a great method for areas or items that may be sensitive to moisture, such as, electronics, books, etc.

Cleaning upholstery is something that many people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about while sitting around…even though they may be sitting on upholstery. For us, it is our job.
We can clean even the most delicately upholstered furniture. We use the best cleaning processes to suit your needs. We will handle your home furnishings with care. With our help your furniture will last longer and will be allergen and odor free.

Tile Cleaning - A Perfectionists Touch offers tile and grout cleaning. We use state of the art equipment which will leave your tile and grout looking so fresh and so clean. We can also seal tile, grout, and stone.

Pet Odor and Stain Removal - Pet smells got you down? Pet odors are very difficult to remove. But don’t worry; we’ll make sure your home doesn't smell like a giant dog. We will remove the odor while leaving behind a fresh scent. We decontaminate, disinfect and sanitize.

Food and Drink Spills - Do you have a drinking problem? And by that we mean, do you find yourself spilling a lot? Accidents like food and drink spills are unavoidable facts in a carpet’s life. If you can’t remove the stain, call us! We use variety of spotting solutions to draw out and dissolve different types of stains without harming your carpet and upholstery fabrics.